Conventional photography is a marvelous thing, and printing photographs on metal adds significant vitality to any image, but I wanted more. By taking the main subject of the image, cutting it from the metal, and mounting it in relief above the background, I've achieved a goal common to every photographer…to separate the subject from the background in the most dynamic way possible. I refer to this technique as NordArte – A blending of photography, computer graphics, computer-controlled cutting equipment, sublimation printing, hand finishing, and design to create these works of art. Each piece is custom made and personally hand finished.

      In addition to extensive work with classic road signs, as a Commercial Pilot and Race Car Driver, I have a deep passion for vintage aircraft - primarily World War II era - and dragsters from the 1950’s through 1970’s.

        I am constantly on the lookout for new subjects that lend themselves to the NordArte technique.